Palolo-Waititi, Pearl Lochs and Lahaina Maui Updates-July 25 2022

We have been busy updating the Google Earth files for various parts of the Palolo-Waititi area, now including Manoa (which is part of the Ahupua’a of Waititi). Given the interest in mapping the LCA awards (when we could find good period maps) we have expanded to include two other areas critical to Kingdom-Territorial history: Pearl Lochs (now Pearl Harbor) and the other main Monarchy capital at Lahaina, Maui. These are still very preliminary but if you’re interested in downloading what we’ve completed to date they have been linked (kmz) files on the Google Earth Hawai’i Project page. We have also made some editorial updates to the Google Earth Hawai’i Project files. The Palolo files have been updated on the Palolo-Pukele Project page. As usual all files can be uploaded and shared. I recommend that you upload them into Google Earth one at a time, as many (especially the Palolo-Waititi kmz files) are large and if you open too many at once in Google Earth it may get unhappy with you and lock up. So upload them, check to make sure they show up, and then turn them off in display before going to the next one. Apparently Google Earth has graphic limitations which show up if you try to display to much info at once. We are currently working on entering in the Native Testimony Mahele material into the Palolo-Waititi files and entering in LCA awards/boundaries into the Lahaina files.

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