I am the anthropologist-geographer at Chaminade University of Honolulu, in the Behavioral Sciences Program.  I teach in the undergraduate program at CUH.  My current research interests are the symbolic use of space in Second Life (virtual world), the impacts of digital realities in ethnic identity and the movement of historic data into public-accessible GIS formats (specifically Google Earth).  My current projects include: movement of the Land Court Award Testimony from the 1846-52 Mahele (here in Hawai’i) onto Google Earth to aid individuals and groups interested in our historic past in Hawai’i Nei; movement of the archaeological sites from the Ditu Wenwu Shaanxi [the Archaeological Atlas of Shaanxi Province PRC] into Google Earth to aid in historic preservation work in Shaanxi province; long-term analysis of patterns of cultural landscape and built environment in the Second Life digital world platform.

If you’re so inclined, I’ve included a link to a folder with my dissertation on ‘Contested Images of Place in a Multicultural Context’ if you are interested in my interpretation of symbolic landscapes in East Maui.

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  1. I saw your maps at the Na Wai Ecolu meeting on Thursday. I tried to download and open them from this site but was not successful. Any advice?


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