Track 3: Software-based Para-social APPs

Digital Humanoid forms=

3-1:  Azuma Hikari/Hatsune Miku emotional companion (2018) Gatebox [] The Gatebox system is a holographic emotional companion, without a physical presence (other than the holographic projector).  The holographic projector is linked to a APP which integrates an AI companion with a texting conversation mode.  The Gatebox system is specifically designed as an emotional-social ‘partner’ to provide companionship for lonely singles.  As of late 2018 an option will be to have Hatsune Miku as the avatar companion.



3-2:  Hatsume Miku-Vocaloids.  Crypton Future Media’s [] Hatsune Miku and other Vocaloids are a blend of audio software (the Vocaloid APP) and a holographic projection of the avatars.  Popular throughout much of Asia since 2009, the “live” performances have been consistently successful and ‘she’ remains one of Japan’s top pop stars. As of 2018 the Hatsune Miku avatar has become one optional avatar for the Gatebox system (3-1).


hatsune miku


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