Grading for Digital Realities

Much of the grading is the same as the sit-down courses.

There are 2 Competency Measures during the semester.  The goal of these assignments is to assess whether you have grasped the content and concepts covered in that portion of the course.  Both will take-home(?), with 1 week to work on the answer.  I will be posing 1-3 scenarios/questions that I want to do a critical analysis of—so it’s your opinion backed up with evidence.  You get graded on the evidence cited [40%]; logic-clarity of your answer [40%]; critical thinking in your answer [20%].

There will be 2 Critical Analyses due during the semester-one in the first half, the second later.  I want to take one of the concepts (from the concept list) and develop a critical review of the concept and how it is used (and maybe also how its misused or abused).  You get graded on the evidence cited [40%]; logic-clarity of your answer [40%]; critical thinking in your answer [20%].

I would like you to develop a slide presentation (or YouTube video) on a concept where you explore some aspect of the concept outside of how we are covering it in class.  I would suggest you check with me when you get an idea so I can see if it will work.  The presentation will be sent to your classmates for consumption.  I will grade it based on the criteria in the syllabus.

There will be a number of Learning Assignments during the semester, all designed to help you develop or improve self-regulation skills (as seen in the next post).  You get graded on completing them, not on length or detail.

There will two types of Reaction Papers during the semester—the first are my normal RPs which are reactions based on questions that you answer while watching assigned video clips.  The second are the reactions to module material—short opinion pieces as mentioned in the first post.  These will be shared among the course members as we work through these topics.

Attendance/participation is obviously central to the course—if you don’t do the React Paper ops then we’re missing your opinion and insight into the materials, so you must post something to the course assignments.

So that’s the work you have to do for a grade—No exams, no research paper.  But critical thinking about the topics and some input.

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